Enchanting Chianti

full day - difficulty level: easy to moderate

You certainly know well the word Chianti, but to you it probably means just a typical red wine from Tuscany. That is true, but Chianti is much more than that, it is a specific hilly region between Florence and Siena, so beautiful for its vineyards interspersed among woods, where hamlets and fortified castles are memories of an old and somehow difficult past.

Discover the secrets and the history of the Chianti region, so renowned for its wine, once served in the fiasco bottle. Do you know the origin of this bottle? This is part of the Chianti secrets that I am going to reveal along the way.

During this very panoramic walk, overlooking the most famous vineyards of Tuscany, you will come across fortified villages, once belonging to the so-called Chianti league.

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