Siena, a decorated history
Private guided tour of Siena focused on the most interesting frescoes of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

Siena, a decorated history

In the main square, Piazza del Campo, we find the Town Hall, the biggest Gothic palace in Italy. The building houses the civic museum, where you can enjoy the world-famous frescoes of the Buon Governo, depicted in the 1300’s by Ambrogio Lorenzetti for the local Government, and learn about the technique used to paint them.

You can also admire another masterpiece of the medieval sienese painting, the Maestà by Simone Martini, with the Madonna and Child Enthroned, surrounded by Saints. This represents one of the main examples of how highly the people from Siena were devotee of the Virgin Mary.

Other interesting frescoes, describing episodes of the everyday life in a hospital of the 1400's, can be seen in the Santa Maria della Scala former hospital, placed in front of the Cathedral.

Do you know that?
The Santa Maria della Scala hospital is a big complex holding several museums. The archaeological section is set up in its underground rooms and tunnels, used during world war II as air-raid shelters.