Salus per aquam
Guided walking tour in the Ripa d'Orcia Natural Reserve. Visit to Bagno Vignoni.

Salus per aquam

full day - difficulty level: easy to moderate
visit to the village of Bagno Vignoni

Salus per aquam, latin for "health through water", a special water coming from thermal hot springs, that made the tiny village of Bagno Vignoni such an important stop along the via Francigena. The main square in the village is a big thermal pool, so unique! Even if we are not allowed to swim there anymore, we can still dip our feet in the hot water which emerges from the ground and flows down the hill reaching the Orcia river. After visiting Bagno Vignoni we can take a very panoramic walk through the Ripa d’Orcia Natural Reserve.

Another option is a visit to the near hilltown of San Quirico d’Orcia, that, just like Siena and San Gimignano, developed thanks to the passage of the "via Francigena" pilgrimage road. Witness of its importance along this road is the magnificent Collegiata church, whose beautifully decorated portals are worth a picture, and the small Romanesque church of Santa Maria Assunta. We can also enjoy a little walk in the nice Italian gardens called Horti Leonini, created at the end of the XVI century.